School Council


The aim of the School Council is to develop an awareness of citizenship and to ensure our main stakeholders have a Voice and can be heard within our school community.

Our ‘School Council’ consists of twenty-four children representing each class. Each member has been elected by their c lass and attend regular meetings to discuss relevant matters of interest concerning school organisation, continuous development and improvement of St George’s. Well done to all those elected this year, please see Pupil Representatives for our current School Coun cil members.

The School Council is actively involved in decision making within the school and conducts surveys to gather views and opinions from their peers. Any child in the school may put forward a suggestion to the School Council by simply liaising with their Class Representative. A response will be made by the School Council either personally or during Collective Worship. In addition, the School Council have introduced their own News letter to keep us all involved

REMEMBER..... our pupils ' voices count!


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