School Education Journey Year 6

Every year our oldest pupils are offered the chance to take part in a five day residential trip. For many children this is the first time they will spend away from their family and is a unique social and cultural experience that they will remember for a very long time. The children learn a tremendous amount about themselves; they will continue to develop confidence, determination, self-esteem, teamwork, interpersonal communication, trust, collaboration and many more skills.

Monday, 4 November to Friday, 8 November 2019 at Marchants Hill, Surrey.

We have booked our residential trip to PGL in Marchants Hill, Surrey for our forthcoming Year 6 group. Further details regarding timing, activities and accommodation will follow in due course, however, should you wish to obtain further site details, please visit the PGL Travel website.

The total cost for the week will be £291 - payment schedule attached and should be grateful if payments can be made via Schoolgateway:
Deposit by 30 November 2018 - £80
8 Feb - 1st instalment of £61 
8 March - 2nd instalment of £50
3 May - 3rd instalment of £50
7 June - 4th instalment of £50

Click here to see the full schedule.

Day 5: Friday 8 November 2019

Rise and shine! 7am we were tucking into a tasty breakfast of hash browns, beans and sausage. We are now off to the low ropes and a very exciting sensory trail (we will be blindfolded and have to navigate our way through the woods). Burgers for lunch!

We have enjoyed the most fabulous experience and will be leaving with lifelong memories. Friendships has been secured whilst we have encouraged independence as well as given them skills and experiences to continue to take forward on their educational journey.

Our blog will now sign off.  We are all so excited about reuniting with our families and friends ....see you later .... over and out!

Day 4: Thursday 7 November 2019

All enjoyed a good night's sleep which helped us build upon our energy needed for the onslaught of today's activities. So... what do we have lined up for today? trapeze, a mud challenge and aero ball. Can't wait for tonight too, our annual campfire night of yummy camp food and camp songs – a flourishing fellowship as always. Watch this space for more.

What a fabulous day; the Challenge course was certainly challenging but very rewarding we witnessed some excellent team building skills - it was great to see how Year 6 worked so well together. At the end of the day, we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of chinese chicken or curry and had a fun time hanging around our campfire.

Day 3: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Everyone slept more soundly last night and were in bed by 10.30pm - phew! Whilst we are sure Year 6 will be missing home, they are being considerably resilient; their minds are so occupied with their daily and evening activities.

7am we stirred our amazing girls and boys to get them ready for another hearty breakfast. It's going to be another adrenalin racing day! We have a plethora of pursuits waiting for them including... rifle shooting, archery, problem solving and the giant swing. Will report in later as to how we got on and our evening ahead.

What a fabulous day with lots of target practice, laughter and thinking going on today, ending the day with some hair-raising to-ing and fro-ing on a mahoosive swing. Our pupils are doing so well and taking everything that is thrown at them with such positivity - we are very proud of how they adapting and collaborating with eachother. The evening activity took the last bit of energy from us all - 'Ambush!' a game of hide and seek in the woods. A hot supper of good 'ol fish 'n' chips or bangers 'n' chips was certainly welcomed by us all.

Day 2: Tuesday 5 November 2019

By 12:45pm most were asleep, however, the dulcet tones of excited squeals started the day off 4:30am! All now ready for a hearty breakfast ready for the onslaught of activities prepared for today: abseiling, fencing, zip wire and orienteering are ready to greet us. Phew, we feel tired just thinking about it!

We had such an exciting day - we zipped down the zip wire and escalated up climbing walls.  In addition, we discovered Sam and Waliat were champions at fencing too!   Dinner tonight was gammon or cheese ravioli but the best bit of all we had so much fun at our robot wars activity. What an action packed day with lots of happy, muddy sleepy faces!

Day 1: Monday 4 November 2019

All students have arrived at PGL, Marchants Hill, Guildford. It's going to be an exciting week... watch this space for The Adventures of Year 6!

Once we had got ourselves settled, we thoroughly enjoyed a game of basketball followed by a tasty dinner. We are now testing our brain cells by having a challenging quiz - it has been a good day and all polished off with birthday songs for Scarlett.