Extra Curricular Clubs



St George's offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activities.

Our external clubs include:
Football, Classical Ballet, Musical Theatre, Fun Fit, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Basketball, Tech Club (IT), Mad Science, Quest (self defence), Street Dance, Latin & Salsa and Dance Creative Flow.

Music: Children will be able to join our Infant/Junior/Chamber Choir. St George's offers the learning of various musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin and the clarinet) and 1:1 tuition through the Bromley Youth Music Trust. From Year 3, children will learn the recorder as part of the Curriculum. 

Rocksteady Music School provide Rock and Pop Band lessons, giving pupils the chance to play in a band and get hands-on experience playing drums, guitar, keyboard or vocals. Further details can be obtained from the School office. 

Languages: Our pupils learn Spanish as part of the national curriculum at the school. Should your child be interested in any of the above, the school office will be happy to provide you with more information and application forms, where appropriate. 


APPLICATION: If you wish to apply for a space in any of the Clubs, please complete the termly slip circulated by the Family Worker. 

WHEN: We should like to remind all parents/carers to carefully check the dates of clubs on the club application form and be aware that internal clubs (provided by staff/parents) always start in the second week of the term and finish in the penultimate week (to ensure staff have additional time for start/end of term ‘jobs’). 

COLLECTION: Please note should pupils not be collected from Clubs on time, they will automatically lose their place and the space will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list. 

EXTERNAL CLUBS: Clubs run by external providers will advise DIRECTLY their start and finishing dates as they may differ from the internal clubs. Should you have any queries regarding external clubs, then you will need to liaise with the external providers directly (contact details can be obtained from the School Office) 

INTERNAL CLUBS: As some of the clubs are run 'in house', there will be a nominal charge to cover items that are made during the session and then taken home. Please remember..... our in house clubs are run by the teachers in their own time and we are very grateful to all of the staff for giving up their very valuable time.

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