Curriculum: RE

As a Church of England school, the exploration of Christianity is at the heart of our curriculum. We also learn about other world religions and worldviews, fostering respect for them. The school follows the Rochester Diocesan Education Syllabus for Primary Schools, supported by the Understanding Christianity Curriculum. 5% of curriculum time is spent on R.E. This amounts to 1 hour at Key Stage 1 and 1 hour 15 minutes at Key Stage 2. Collective Worship time is not included in the allocation for R.E.

As a Christian school 2/3 of the Religious Education curriculum is dedicated to the study of Christianity. However, there is no encouragement for children to become committed Christians. Dedicated Religious Education lessons start in Reception where R.E. is also linked closely to the Foundation Stage Curriculum, particularly through the early learning goals for Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding of the World.