Achievements, Rewards and Recognition

At St. George's we are passionate about recognising, acknowledging and rewarding positive behaviour, excellent attitude to learning as well as academic and pastoral achievements both inside and outside of school.

All staff follow and implement our behaviour system which is underpinned by our Christian ethos and our school virtues.

Our School Vision

At St George’s we are proud to be one family of lifelong learners who know that they are special to God. Our family is built upon a strong sense of belonging and mutual respect. Our community gives our children the freedom to flourish and succeed.
At St George's our vision is that our children will flourish, succeed and experience life in all its fullness. This is inspired by Jesus's words in John 10:10 - "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full".

Our School Virtues

Fellowship, Love, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Trust, Hope.

Our School Motto

A flourishing fellowship: learning together with God by our side.

Our Reward Systems

Green Triangle Award

The children receive 'green triangles' as a reward for demonstrating positive behaviours around the school and having a growth mindset towards their learning:

  • 1 green triangle = Well done
  • 2 green triangles = a sticker
  • 3 green triangles = a house point
  • 4 green triangles = sharing your success with the Headteacher
  • 5 green triangles = a postcard home sharing your successes


We have a 'House Point' system, in which the children can receive house points for not only receiving 3 green triangles but also for displaying our school virtues, practising times tables on times table Rock Stars and showing a passion for additional reading. At the end of each term the house points are counted and the house with the most points join together for a celebration.

Marvellous Me

As a school we have implemented 'Marvellous Me' which is a communication tool for school staff to share information and celebrate the children's successes frequently directly with their parents and carers. Research has proven that the more engaged parents are with teachers, the more their children’s education, behaviour, confidence and wellbeing improve. Knowing what they do daily and what parents can do to help them at home is more than important, it’s necessary. Marvellous Me has helped us to foster and enhance these relationships.

Achievement Collective Worships

We hold half termly achievement collective worships; in which we recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of our children across the curriculum. Parents of the children who are being awarded certificates are invited via email to attend these worships. Furthermore, the children are able to share their achievements outside of school for us to celebrate their successes with them during this time.

Fab Fridays

In addition to achievement worships, we facilitate biweekly, 'Fab Friday' celebrations, in which the teachers and teaching assistants recognise children who consistently display the St. George's virtues.