Vision, Mission and Virtues



At St George’s we are proud to be one family of lifelong learners who know that they are special to God. Our family is built upon a strong sense of belonging and mutual respect. Our community gives our children the freedom to flourish and succeed.

Mission Statement

At St George’s we are learning today for a better tomorrow for our neighbours, our world and ourselves. Ours is a curriculum that encompasses the whole child, inspiring each one to flourish academically, spiritually and socially. This is achieved through the strength of our teaching, fellowship and pastoral care.

The foundation and character of our vision and mission is the life transforming power of love (I John 4.13). Within our loving community, we therefore promote a culture of forgiveness, which places equal weight on forgiving others and recognising the need of this ourselves (Matthew 6.14). So we live our lives full of hope, informing our aspirations (Romans 8.24). We are proud of our achievements and grateful for our blessings, giving thanks at all times (Psalm 107.1). Consequently, we develop strong relationships of trust with everyone in our community (I Corinthians 12.25-27). The result of this is a fellowship of faith, hope and love (I Corinthians 13.13).


The virtues we therefore practise, promote and prioritise are love, forgiveness, hope, thankfulness, trust and fellowship.