Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development Statement

At St George’s we are proud to be one family of lifelong learners who know that they are special to God. Our Family is built upon a strong sense of belonging and mutual respect. Our community gives our children the freedom to flourish and succeed.

At St George’s we seek to nurture the spirituality of our pupils and develop their innate sense of curiosity, awe and wonder. We believe that it is extremely important to provide all pupils with a range of opportunities for spiritual encounter and spiritual development. We encourage our pupils to look around them; to value the beauty of the world, be understanding towards all humanity and to understand and relate to their own emotions.

We recognise that all areas of the curriculum contribute to pupils’ spiritual development, we therefore ensure that opportunities exist across the whole curriculum which enable pupils to develop curiosity through questioning. Our pupils value learning and enjoy questioning, listening and responding creatively across a range of subjects. Teachers make the most of questions raised by pupils and opportunities that occur spontaneously throughout the day.

Provision for spiritual development includes:

  • Opportunities for pupils to reflect on their experiences, beliefs and perspectives on life
  • Developing pupils’ knowledge of, and respect for, different people’s faiths, feelings and values
  • Nurturing a sense of interest and enjoyment in discovering more about their own identity and the identity of those around them
  • Encouraging creativity across the curriculum