Eco Climate



Green and Terracycle

As a school, we are constantly seeking ways as to how we can meet the 5 'R's

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot and Recycle.   We recognise that going zero waste is a great step towards combating climate change.

At St George’s we have an Eco Council who are elected by the pupils themselves and who represent each class.  The Council are constantly reviewing our school’s carbon footprint and identifying areas as to how our school can contribute towards sustainability to support our global environment -  here are some examples :

  • We constantly remind our community about walking/cycling/scootering to and from school; we remind our neighbourhood that cars should not be left 'idling' and how we support our local Borough's anti-idling campaign.
  • We also work in unison with Bickley Primary school with the Terracycle initiative. We recycle crisp packets, printer toner cartridges, batteries, plastics and paper, toothpaste tubes/caps, floss containers and pens markers and highlighters
  • We work with the Local Borough by recycling all paper and cardboard
  • Where possible, the school have reduced printing and send the majority of communications electronically.
  • St George’s has set up a Facebook Freecycle page for parents whereby our community can upcycle all items
  • Recently, we have worked with the TFL initiative of bike to work (school) and managed to secure some additional bike and scooter racks
  • The school have invested in solar panels and energy is returned to the national grid
  • We work closely with our Nourish, our catering suppliers;
    Nourish use recycled bio-gradable packaging - (recycle wrapping / bags etc). They use local produce and, where possible, this is sourced locally and the meat is sourced from the Red Tractor suppliers and fish is ‘marine shipped assured’. Nourish use 25% organic food within school menu and adhere to Food for Life - 75% are raw ingredients and they do not use processed food.  In addition, Nourish clean using environmental cleaning and child friendly products.  Finally, Nourish cater for accurate numbers to continue with reducing food waste.
  • Future initiatives include looking at ‘composting’ within our school science garden.